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I am retired from the Army and Michele could very well be a mission planner. WITHIN THE FIRST six days Michele found exactly what I had envisioned. A super nice 2/2 with a 2car garage. The house was fully renovated from the kitchen to the bathrooms. What peace of mind it brings to know that I'm the first to use all the new appliance's Michele also provided all information needed to turn on power/water as well as trash pick up. She has been a big help after the sale with insurance information as well as who to contact to install a new fence. If you are looking anywhere on the west cost don't make the mistake of using anyone but Michele. You just can't go wrong!

Thomas Bishop

I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Michele on a real estate transaction and I couldn't have been more satisfied.

She was very responsive and detail-oriented throughout the entire process. I would use her again and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an outstanding real estate agent.

Steve Robinson

Michele is outstanding!

She went beyond the call before, during and after I bought my new home in Dunedin

Dan Minor

Michele is a gem!

Patient, easy-going, fun, and knowledgeable. She really knows the area, she knows the value of properties, and she takes time to get to know you! We thought we knew what we were looking for and after a few home tours, almost did a 180. She just went with the flow. Flexible and understanding. She put in so much time helping us navigate the specifics of each property. Highly recommend her service! You'll make a new friend too!

Maria Hickey

Highly recommend!

! Michele was exactly what I needed in this crazy market. She was always there to answer all of my questions and always going above and beyond to get my house sold and to get me in a new one. I am beyond grateful for having her on my side. Verified by RateMyAgent

Erica Enriquez - Spring Hill, Florida

Michele was absolutely AMAZING in helping us sell our home.

Even with me being out of the state she did great, was very accommodating and we got the house sold quick. This was my first time selling a home and she made it the best possible experience. Can’t tell her enough how happy we are with how we were treated. Professional and courteous and caring about our needs. I will definitely be using her again in the future.

Becca T.

"Can't say enough great things about our journey to find a new home in Florida working with Michele.

My family really enjoyed our time with her. She really listened to what we needed to be happy, and worked long hours searching and appointment setting. Her manner was completely professional and she had done her homework well. We found that home we wanted, and we all celebrated. Equally as satisfying, my whole family feels that we have made a great friend."

Diane Hart - from Easton, Pennsylvania

My experience with Michele was amazing.

I'm from out of state relocating due to work and i needed someone who knew the area well and was seasoned. I found Michele on Facebook and although, I was early to the process, Michele created and modified areas that I was looking to either buy or rent so I could get a sense of home and rental prices. As we got closer to the time frame I was looking at, we started to tweak the price range and towns. She always let me thing out loud and didn't discourage me from one place or the other but let me discover for myself. As a real estate agent, this can very hard to do because you don't want to discourage people from exploring their possibilities. Finally, in November, I met Michele for the first time face to face and I just knew that I had made a new friend. We looked at 33 homes in 5 days and put in 4 offers on different homes. She was a real trooper and work hard behind the scenes making phone calls, appointments and doing the paperwork. We shared the same surprises and the same disappointments. Coming from the North, I found it a struggle to get the kind of value that I was always told existed in the south, but in this crazy market, we were still able to navigate and be flexible. One of our offers stuck and I feel good knowing that we tried our best to find our first Florida home that I feel comfortable with. Michele was honest and upfront with the market, fees, and followed through right until the very end. I can't wait to get down there down and make Florida our home, meet new friends and get to know my first friend better! Life is an adventure when you have good people to get you through!

Amy Gates

Michele has been absolutely fantastic to work with, she has continuely gone above and beyond to ensure that we are finding the right property for ourselves.

.. My wife and I love Michele's quick response to any and all of our questions... Michele's high level of professionalism, her patience with our many showings, her dedication and her knowledge of the area make her second to none in our book! We will continue to work with Michele for all of our Florida real estate needs.

Michael DeWitt

Our family hired Michele Tortorici of Sapphire Realty to list and sell a multifamily rental property.

Michele was extremely professional, and we found her knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate process from listing to closing. When we had questions or concerns, she responded promptly and clearly explained any and all details to our satisfaction. Within 24 hours of signing the listing agreement, Michele had the property under contract with the buyer that we closed with. She was also helpful in informing the tenants and answering the questions they had about the sale and transfer of the property to the new owner. When a few issues with the buyer did arise, Michele did an excellent job advising us on how to handle the issues and brought everything to a successful closing. Michele was a pleasure to work with, and we would highly recommend her to anyone with an upcoming real estate transaction. Thank you for making this process so easy and painless.

Kari Trippi

Although I consider myself an articulate person I find it difficult to put into words the gratitude and appreciation I have for Michele.

I should say I am slightly biased and may not be the most objective individual as Michele has been a dear friend since high school. Less than four months ago I reached out to Michele as my rent had been steadily increasing and my out of state landlord wanted me to research some comps so as to set the next rent increase. Michele informed me that I would likely be able to purchase a home for less money monthly than renting. I had a mind full of reasons why I believed this could not happen. First I thought I did not have a high enough yearly income, then I was sure I had not been on my job long enough and lastly I did not think I had enough money down; even if the other factors worked out. So first Michele connected me to a wonderful mortgage company and the two fantastic people that worked there. I was then informed that I did indeed qualify for funding. I cashed out on a couple investments and off home shopping we went. As I was/am operating on a limited budget we made determinations on what was and was not possible. Michele advised me every step of the way but more importantly to me stuck with me through a process that included looking at a number of potential homes, offers made that were not accepted and even a place we went under contract on that simply did not pass inspections. All the while as my frustration level increased Michele stayed steady, calming and continued to work her level best on my behalf. After all Michele's hard work she found the absolute perfect place for me. I am literally in the home I was meant to be in, in a wonderful neighborhood in a fantastic t location. I have been walking around my new home for seven days now pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming and that this really is my place. I can not overstate the roll Michele has played in all this. I feel so fortunate to not only have her as my friend but as my realtor. If I have any complaint through all we went went through together in making my home buying dreams happen it's her minimizing of the roll she played in what she has done for me. I can not speak for others but Michele helped change my life and that's pretty special.......

Danny Crane

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